Submission Guidelines


1. All Models need to be 18 Years of Age or OLDER. Every submission needs to be accompanied by VALID PHOTO ID scan of the models face, name and age for our records. Without an ID for the model we cannot publish the photos. Attach scanned copies of the Age Proof (ID or Passport) of each model depicted in the pictures.

2. JDM Digital Media Publishes NUDE Photography.

FemmeXposure Submisions are categorized into the genre’s of: Fashion Nude, Glamour Nude, Implied.
FemmeArte Submissions are categorized into the genre’s of: Fine Art Nude, Artistic Nude, Implied, Figurative Art, Creative Body Art.
FemmeErotica/FemmeArtX are categorized into the genre’s of: Erotica Nude, Bondage Art Nude, Sexual Art Nude.

3. Every submission needs to have a combination of pictures that show the model from both their FRONT and BACK angles and poses. DO NOT submit 10 photos of the model posing at the same place in the same angle. DO NOT submit a set that is a combination of art nude and glamour or erotica. [Stick to a genre].DO NOT submit a combination of color and black & white photos.  Please do not submit if you feel that your work is not on par with our current publications.

4. Photos must be previously unpublished in any and all media channels – that includes Flickr, Model Mayhem, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr ETC. The only exception is if you have published 1 or 2 pictures of a 10 picture set online, we will still consider that set as unpublished.

5. Every set submitted needs to have a MINIMUM of 10-12 photos that are connected in some way. It may be a single model that connects the pictures, or a story line involving multiple models.

6. Every submission needs to consist of 8.5 x 11 Inches (Vertical) or 17×11 Inches (Horizontal – 2 page wide image) in 300 DPI Resolution (at least 5MB)

7. Submissions that also have a shoot video (behind the scenes or an edited shoot video) are welcomed and considered for publishing. (So take your GO-PRO/iPhone with you and shoot video along with photos!)

8. Please submit each set as a complete ZIP file properly titled YOUR NAME- MODEL’S NAME via dropbox to

9. Please attach a signed copy of the content release and model info form: JDM DIGITAL MEDIA CONTENT RELEASE , JDM DIGITAL MEDIIA MODEL INFORMATION FORM.

10. Send a short BIO/Story about you and your photography along with links to your social media platforms, professional website etc..

11. Send a short BIO/Story about the model (in the case of a single model set) along with links to her social media. (More than one model only ID is needed)

12. In the case the submission was created with a team, it must be accompanied by credits: models, photographer, stylist, makeup artist etc…

13. As a JDM Digital Media contributor, your credits will be showcased in the publication and on our website under the editorial staff /contributing photographers section and market your work on our social media platforms. Tear-Sheets will be emailed  within 24hrs of publication release.

Please email Jay D Moran, Editor in Chief at for any additional questions you may have.